Herd Dispersal Now Underway

Looking to add QUALITY ANIMALS AND GENETICS to your existing herd, or would you like to purchase a STARTER HERD? You are in LUCK!! 
Due to health issues, I have made the difficult decision to let my beautiful Texas Longhorns move on to loving homes.
Since I started raising Registered Texas Longhorns back in 2008, my goal has been to breed and raise animals with outstanding, well-known genetics, excellent horn, flashy color, full-bodied conformation and exceptionally gentle dispositions. 

We are just north of Bowling Green, KY.

Welcome to Luminary Longhorn Ranch

Raising Registered Texas Longhorns is my passion (one of many). I grew up on a farm in upstate NY and have loved cows my whole life. When I moved to Texas in 2008 I began raising Registered Texas Longhorns. Of all the many different breeds of cattle I have owned, I have found Registered Texas Longhorns to be the best mommas, the most intelligent, and the most gentle.

Longhorns are like snowflakes, no two alike - both in terms of personality and color. Calving season is like an Easter egg hunt, you never know what colors you're going to get. Added bonuses are they're easy keepers they are hardy and calve easily - I've only had to pull one calf in 6 years. There is so much to be said about this great breed of cattle I could go on and on. Suffice it to say they are addictive, they are like potato chips, and you can't have just one!

I am proud to say that every cow you will see here is an excellent producer. They are all easy to work and all raise great off-spring every year. Many of the "girls" are scratching gentle also known as "dog gentle". In my book gentle cows are a must especially when they have long horns!! <smiles>

As my dad used to say "everything is for sale". If you see any you are interested in but it is not listed in the sale pen, feel free to ask, call or email.

Longhorns are so enjoyable; I think everyone should have at least two - they're herd animals after all!

Come visit us at our new ranch in Kentucky. Let's take a walk in the pasture where you can experience these wonderful beauties first-hand.

May God Bless All,
Victorea Luminary

Quantum Mist the ranch matriarch.
She's as laid back as they come!

JP Grand Susan 2

VL Amazon Deer

Loving the babies

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